Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Book Review: Invisible

Invisible by Cecily Anne Paterson

This is a young adult novel that I loved. Interestingly, it has some similarities to my previous book.. but in this case I loved the main character, Jazmine (not true in the previous book). She is precocious, smart, wounded, lonely, scared, and a deep thinker. Due to some family trauma, she and her mother have moved around frequently, causing Jazmine to attend a bunch of different schools and to cut herself off from attempting to make friends. In fact, when the book opens, she is a master at making herself invisible...this is her armor to keep her from being noticed, talked to, and ultimately hurt.

Luckily one special teacher notices her potential and encourages her to blossom. Jazmine's thoughts are so endearing. As she experiences new things, her mind is blown, and she is both exhilarated and scared. Being a young teen is so difficult, and then add on some family trauma, and you have a scared young girl like Jazmine. You will love her and cheer her on as she struggles to survive.

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