Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Books: Lillian ' s Story

I am not sure how to review this book, Lillian's Story by Kate Grenville. I am a big fan of Grenville. This book, like her others, was beautifully written. She attempted to write this book in a style that is not her usual. She wanted to see if she could write a book
in a style similar to Jane Austen. At this she succeeded. I was amazed that she could accomplish this enormous task of writing in a style that is not one's usual.

The story, however, was not my favorite. It was sad and depressing. However despite that, I still felt that I had read something profound. Maybe I'm just not discerning enough to really understand this book. I would be interested, if any of you read this book, to hear your feedback. What are your thoughts?

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