Sunday, August 14, 2016

Truncated Vacation in a State Park

We had a little break from routine when husband, son, and I went to a northern Minnesota state park for some camping and relaxation. When we arrived it was hot and humid, but overnight it dried out, and the next days were beautiful. Doesn't it look nice and secluded and lovely as we pitch our tent? This was on a Thursday.
Friday morning we had pancakes and then realized we had forgotten to pack plates. We did pack a few mini-pie-tins to use as bowls, so they doubled as plates. We did some reading, some looking around, some short hikes. The headwaters of the Mississippi River, an always-popular tourist site, is at this state park.

By Friday night the People began to arrive. The park sign said "campground full," and as People arrived we could see that our secluded site was shrinking quickly. We were soon surrounded by other families, all of which had 2, 3, or more young children -- singing, crying, talking, shouting (middle-school aged boys just have to shout everything), and one family played loud, thumping music. We were sort of in shock. It was so loud that we could hardly believe it.. we retreated into our tent and attempted to get to sleep.

By Saturday morning we decided we didn't want to put up with any more loud neighbors; our own yard and street at home are much quieter than it was at a full state park campground. So we came home a day early.

We were all willing to do so, and I was happy to get some extra time to sew. I made this little postcard to send to a guild member who has cancer.

While watching Olympics on TV, I made this Olympics-inspired quilt top.

Next time we vacation in a state park we'll attempt to do so in a non-peak time. The parks can be quiet and tranquil, as we like them, if the timing is right.

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Sally in Saint Paul said...

we, too, have discovered the joy of camping midweek. The parks are packed on the weekends. I think it has been affected by the fact you can reserve all the camp sites online now. On the other hand... great to see people enjoying the parks.