Saturday, August 27, 2016

Some Sewing and a Baby

Last week I hosted a couple days of sewing at my church, and I did not take one single picture! I mostly concentrated on making some blocks, and I have no pictures to show you what I made.

I did make these pencil cases today, and took a picture. They are to add to the school supplies drive we are doing at church... due tomorrow, so I guess four is all I will make this year. Last year I made a dozen! But, of course, I could continue to make them and turn them in another time. The students come and go, and they'll be able to put new pencil cases to use during the year.

Remember my friend and her baby? They no longer live at my house. I still get to see them, and I try to babysit once a week so she gets a break and can run errands (or sleep). He's such a sweet baby!! Love him a bunch. I'm getting the grandma experience (lots of fun) even though I'm a pretend grandma.

When he does tummy time on this quilt, he appears to love all the colors. He really studies them.

He is also discovering that those hands attached to his arms actually belong to him. So cute!

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