Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Last History Lesson - All Caught Up!

Want to see some beautiful quilts? Feast your eyes! The women in this guild are so talented. I am sometimes intimidated but am determined to just be who I am and make what I can. I'll never reach the level some of these quilters have attained. This first picture -- the woman decided to work with fibers and bought a sewing machine one year ago. OMG - REALLY?? Anyway, I repeat -- I am determined to be who I am. I like what I make; they're going to be slept under and will never hang in museums or art galleries.

Below: Roscoe. It's a tiny Minnesota town, population 102. My dad's name was Roscoe. When I was about 8 years old, we drove through the town, stopped and took a picture of Mom and us four kids by this sign. I remember my brother (14 at the time) worried about what passing drivers would think of us nerds. I liked it! This time I tried to get a selfie with this sign, but it was way too tall to get both it and me. The town is not thriving, as you can see from this building on Roscoe's main street. The death of small towns makes me sad.

National Night Out: we had a fun event at church. I put a bunch of extra books out by the Little Free Library; several people picked up books to read (= happy me). The fire department and police came to visit, which the kids loved. Lots of neighbors turned out. It was quite fun.

Last weekend we had a fun family picnic which was our official party welcoming our son home from South Korea. The cake got smushed, but it's still cute. My little Buddy, Mr. Baby, made a cameo appearance, and everyone fell in love with him.
Last photo above is our daughter with her 96-year-old grandfather out on the dock. Can you tell that we picked a gorgeous day for our picnic? Nice breeze kept bugs away, and it wasn't hot. Beautiful!

Yesterday I finished this quilt top. It is made of charm packs and mini-charm packs. I love it!

Guess what! I'm all caught up to the present! I'm sad today that I completely forgot to go to a funeral at church. A young woman died of breast cancer. I didn't know her well but wanted to honor her parents and friends. Kicking myself...

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