Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Living in the Deep Freeze

It has been so cold here, I think my blood is frozen, and therefore I can't move quickly. That explains the lack of posts here at my little blog. I didn't have a book to report on last Friday, plus I was out of town.

The yarning group from my church went on a retreat. We had another wonderful, relaxing time and got a lot done. I mostly worked on hats, and tried to make progress on my prayer shawl which is taking forever. I've now been working on it for a solid year. It's about two-thirds done.

There was a group of young people staying at the camp, also. They had a blast inner tubing down the snowy/icy hill outside our lodge. It was great fun watching them. They have such energy and can do such things without breaking bones. It looked like so much fun, we were almost tempted to join them, but all of us are in our 60s or 70s and thought we'd rather keep our bones intact. Not to mention that the high on Saturday was two below zero, Fahrenheit.

This is us:

When I came home, I was eager to sew again. I put together this top for Quilts Beyond Borders:

Today the high is going to be all the way up to nine degrees F, so I guess it'll be warm enough to venture out. Stay warm, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

A yarning group weekend sounds wonderful! Perfect thing to do in this frozen state where we live!