Saturday, January 09, 2016

An Update on Quilting Progress

Back in October 2015 I showed you a picture of seven quilts that need to be finished, and asked you to guess when I would get them all done. That post is here. You may be wondering what happened. Well, I must say it is still happening. Bless your heart, some of you who guessed I would have it done almost right away. If only I could live up to those expectations. As of today, January 9, 2016, I have three of the seven quilted. Here are photos of the three:

I still have four to go. I'm hoping to get another one done this weekend. After that... maybe I'll be on a roll? Maybe they'll slowly trickle out of my sewing room? Who can say?! Even I have no idea.

Just thought I should let you know, I haven't forgotten my little challenge and your guesses. You early guessers who had such faith in me... I should send you a prize just for believing in me. You can see I'm really a very slow quilter.

Now, back to my sewing room for some (I hope) productive work!


Anonymous said...

I know how easy it is to shift projects. I'm sure I didn't guess early. Happy quilting.

Sally in Saint Paul said...

Now, your sidebar is back of the side! Did you move it, or is it one of those mysterious computer things that just happen?
Sally in Saint Paul