Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Found a New Shop

Today my cousin, a friend, and I went to a new shop. It's called "digs studio" and is at 3800 Grand Ave So, Minneapolis. It's a cute shop carrying unique gift items as well as some nice yarn and some fabric. There are many consignment gift items made by hand, some re-purposed media and some from new. Very clever, cute, fun things in there... I could have spent hours browsing around.

I bought a bit of fabric, some knitting needles, and two pom-poms. I hate making pom-poms, so I was happy to find pre-made ones that I can just attach to hats. My attempts at pom-poms are pathetically bad. I don't know why I struggle with them so much.

It's supposed to warm all the way up into the 20s F., and around here that will feel like a heat wave!


BrendaLou said...

Waaa! I want to be back in MN and having fun adventures with your cousin (Hi Beth!) and friends...,., trying to hurry home~

Carol E. said...

BL, Hurry back! Any luck on the house so far?