Sunday, January 24, 2016

Dance, Children, Dance

Sorry, I once again blew past Friday without a book report. I'm in a book confusion right now... have started about four books, but am not making much progress in any of them. I must set aside some reading time and buckle down! I dislike not having a good book going in my life.

I went to visit my mom. She continues to do well. Her 95th birthday will happen in about six weeks. Amazing!

While in town, I attended a high school dance team competition. My niece is the coach, and her daughter, my great-niece, is on the team. It was the first time I'd been able to see great-niece dance with her team. It was lots of fun!

Above: niece's husband gets put to work.. sweeping floors before and between teams
2nd: a spectator who I thought was very cute
3rd: great-niece and three others sang the national anthem before the meet

Above: my great-niece is in the center-ish, except in the kick photo where she is on the left

In a couple of days I'll have some new quilt photos to show you. Fun!

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Anonymous said...

That little spectator is so cute! i think she would have caught my eye too. But, what fun to watch the dancing! Good for you.