Thursday, July 31, 2014

Weird, Lazy Day With a Little Bit of Sewing

What a day! I slept a tad late this morning. Did a little neatening up and some sewing... but just never felt like I had truly awakened, so I lay down for a little rest. Two and a half hours later I woke up! I was shocked. By this time it was some time after noon, and I still felt like it should be ten A.M.

I was just too groggy and lazy to do much today. I sat outside and read the day's mail, and shut my eyes, feeling sleepy again. Sheesh! I didn't allow myself to take another nap, though. Holy mackerel. I do want to sleep at night, after all... not all day long.

I went back to some sewing, but I'm moving at the speed of a glacier. Still, I have some pictures to show you. I finally got back into the sewing groove, at least. I made this simple squares quilt top which will go to Quilts Beyond Borders (I love simple squares quilts, don't you?):

I unearthed this top, which was made a while ago and needed to be re-ironed. The blocks were made by me and by a few zillion other helpful people. This will also go to QBB:

The next one would be a completed top by now, if I hadn't had such a groggy, lazy day. I finished piecing it, and I'm about halfway done assembling the rows. It's another QBB-bound quilt.

I hope I'm a little more energetic tomorrow!

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Elaine Adair said...

Oh dear - funny about the long unexpected nap! I hate when that happens, but you must have needed it. Kinda scary, right?