Tuesday, July 22, 2014


We attended a family reunion in Washington state. This was our 3rd reunion with the group of adult cousins from my dad's side of the family. We do them every 4 years. Our ages range over 30 years, so some of us had never met until we started doing these reunions. It is really fun to get re-acquainted. I have some awesome cousins!

This year's reunion was held at Fort Worden State Park, Port Townsend, Washington. Here are some pictures, mostly of scenery since you don't know the people:

My sisters and I each bought a purple hat - same fabric but each with different patterns to suit our personalities - at the Mad Hatter's Shop in Port Townsend. The hat maker was there in the store and had made a zillion hats out of quilty fabric that we recognized. Her three purple hats are now living in Minnesota and New York.

Below: my sister at the Hurricane Ridge sign. We were told "you know why it's called 'hurricane' don't you?!" We were prepared for gale-force winds and freezing cold, but it was sunny, still, and even a tad hot. Six years ago when we tried going up there, it was all fogged in. I was thankful we got to see it this time. GORGEOUS!

To be honest, this part of the world, the Pacific Northwest, is one of my favorite places. It's so beautiful and has a mild (perfect) climate (not counting the current terrible drought). If I could, I would move there tomorrow.

In my shopping pursuits I found only one Fat Quarter to bring home. I didn't see much fabric, and what I did see was similar to what I can buy here. I also brought home a short piece of beautiful ribbon. It's just gorgeous, and so dear that I could afford only one foot of it.

Next: hubby and I continued on to Vancouver, BC, Canada. Those photos will be in my next post.

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Unknown said...

Ahhh... Port Townsend and Hurricane Ridge... I'm re-living our trip from a few years ago. LOVED it! (I'm soooo looking forward to Sawyer being old enough to attempt one of our 10-day road/camping trips!)