Monday, July 28, 2014

Oops.. Deleting Photos

I have sometimes wondered why photos disappear from my blog posts, such as they have from my recent Friday Books post. Now I finally figured it out. Duh! I went through some photos and deleted what I thought I no longer needed, and the "book drops" were two that I deleted. So, since everything is connected these days, and the computer thinks it knows more than people do, my photos from the post have also been deleted.

I still have not shown you my Vancouver pictures, but I will share this one with you. No, make that two. First is a waterfall taken from way above, and the second is the suspension bridge which is above the waterfall and from which I took the photo. It wasn't too scary, because the bridge isn't that long, but if I'd been on it any more time than I was, it would have started to creep me out. It was pretty bouncy!

Does it look scary to you?


Anonymous said...

Yes, it looks scary to me and I have been on that bridge. I thought it was too bouncy for my comfort level . . . though the scenery is so beautiful! You had more people on it when you went than I did. Yikes!

Carol E. said...

I would have liked to have fewer people.. I had to rush across in the flow of people and didn't get to take in the whole experience. But it was pretty bouncy! Made me gasp a couple of times.