Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Counting Pajamas

You may have noticed in my sidebar that I am counting pajamas this year. Why? At Christmas time our church supports a neighborhood service agency called Neighbors. They collect gifts for kids (birth to teen) to deliver to families in need. This goes on all year, but at Christmas time they make a special effort to make sure every child receives a new pair of pajamas, and a set of hat, scarf and mittens. Now is a GREAT time to shop for winter pajamas. They are marked way down. I got the above set for $4.50, originally priced at $15.

Neighbors has enough room, thanks to moving into a new building, so they can store Christmas things all year long and have them ready to go in December. So I am hoping to get pajamas to them through the year, as I find good sales or just feel motivated to purchase some. Sizes are from infant up to XXL. So I have a wide variety to choose from.

We'll see how many pajamas I can pull off in a year. Watch my count and see how it grows!

Merry Christmas, dear readers, just a few months early!


sophie said...

What a lovely program.

BrendaLou said...

I think this is a great idea! My local Target discounts on Tuesday mornings...if you are there early you can really get fabulous deals!