Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Catching Up with Myself

This is my attempt to catch up to photos of a variety of things I haven't yet shown you over the recent weeks. I got behind thanks to Christmas. Then MIL got sick, and we were all a bit distracted. She is doing MUCH better now, and from what I can tell is pretty much back to normal. Hopefully she'll be back home soon. She is "bored out of her gourd" sitting in the hospital.

Below you see the following: first is a table topper that I gave to Daughter for Christmas. You might have seen this before. I like the shape and size and found a new technique for making it, which is super easy. I have made several more like it, of various sizes, but they are not quilted yet.

The middle two pics are small quilt-beginnings I made from other people's blocks. I sent these beginnings to Tammy who will finish them off. She's a master at using people's half-created parts and turning them into beautiful quilts.

The last picture above is two house blocks I made for Beth over at Love Laugh Quilt blog. Once a year she collects house blocks and then shares them with two winners, plus makes a charity quilt from some of them. It's fun to see the neighborhood of houses she collects, and they all turn into such cute quilts. Last year I was a winner, and had a blast making the quilt. And Beth churned out a couple of really cute charity quilts.

Above: a quilt top I finished for Quilts Beyond Borders. And a beautiful sunset behind the St. Paul Cathedral, taken from the hospital while waiting for news of Mother-in-Law.

Above: a hat I finished recently; the woman in the background made the pom-pom for me. And our group completed three prayer shawls for our prayer shawl ministry at church.

Whew! I'm feeling better -- a little more caught up with myself.


Brenda said...

Great finishes! Nice that you have someone to pass on unfinished quilts to. I need to find someone like that here.

sophie said...

The sunset photo is amazing! I love the hat with the pompom, too.

Anonymous said...

I like the look of the table topper. It is very attractive. And the sunset? Wow! Stunning shot.