Thursday, December 26, 2013

My Mother-in-Law and My Son

My MIL is in the hospital with a potentially serious condition... doctors say it's not immediately life-threatening, but she has some heart and kidney concerns that complicate any treatments. We are all watching carefully for updates.

Here she is, pictured while leaving our family gathering last Sunday, with my Son's Santa hat strategically placed in the background:

I have not yet taken my turn at Hospital Sitting, as we are calling it. Family members get to sit and sit and sit while waiting for news which comes very slowly in dribbles. I'll probably show my face tomorrow (with my current knitting project).

Today I took Son back to airport for his return flight to the West Coast. It was hard to say good-bye, because I may not see him again for over a year. He is hoping to get an overseas job and be on his way there by February. I am so happy to see him excited and enthused about his future! He has struggled with some depression over past hurdles in his life, so happiness for him is way overdue. I have prayers for lots of happiness in his years to come.... but am feeling sad that he is far away and hopes to go even farther! Moms and Dads have it tough, sometimes, while we enjoy our kids' successes.

Here are my two kids in their last moments together for the next year or more:

Here is Hubby with our youngest Great-Nephew at our Christmas Party #3. I forgot to take along my camera and only had my cell phone which I find much more awkward and less satisfying for picture taking.

And circling back to my Mother-in-Law. She is one of my most regular blog readers, so if you feel like leaving her a cheery note, I'm sure that would be something she would like to read. I'll make sure she gets any note that is left for her. Her name is Shirley. Thanks to all for your kind thoughts and/or prayers.


auntiepatso said...

My prayers are with you

Quilter Kathy said...

Sending happy healing thoughts to Shirley as she recovers and allows family some time to relax and sit with her after a busy Christmas season!