Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I Give In -- I'll Join the Tea Towel Challenge

Tea towel challenge!! I guess I'll try again. I did one over at Bumble Beans, Inc., and never finished, because I wasn't happy with what I created.

There's another one going.. here:

I'll try again. I don't have a towel at hand and have no particular design in mind, so this will be a complete mystery and adventure. Stay tuned!

a restaurant in San Diego... totally unrelated to tea towels, as far as I know! Maybe they sell giraffe tea towels there. I better go check.


Anonymous said...

Hope you have/or had a chance to eat at that restaurant! I'm still resisting the tea towel challenge--but I'll enjoy watching your progress.

sophie said...

Yay! I'm glad you'll be joining us. I used to collect Giraffes ... I haven't noticed any on tea towels–can't wait to see if you manage to find one.