Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Books: Slavery

good photo for this time of year...

This week's book is All Different Kinds of Free by Jessica McCann. Excellent story! The book is fiction based on a few true events. A court case, Prigg vs. State of Pennsylvania, really happened, and the name of the main character, Margaret Morgan, was the real woman whose life was greatly affected by the actions of Prigg and the ensuing court decisions.

My advice is to not read any summary/review that accompanies this book (except for this one, of course). It gives away too much. I hate it when the entire plot and any surprise therein is revealed in reviews. So I am not going to tell you many details except that it has to do with slavery in the 1830s, before the Civil War. There are heartbreaking events; awful things happen. You know that when you read a book on slavery. But it's not all bad, and the story really grabs you so that you may have trouble putting this one down.

Really good.. take a couple days off and read this book.

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