Monday, June 11, 2012

Vacation: One-Third of Day 5

Day 5 -- I woke up early on Day 5, strolled over to the shower/bathroom building. Took a shower, returned to cabin. When I looked back out the front door, what do I see but a bison! It was grazing in the neighbor's yard, just feet from the shower building! Was it there when I was roaming around??

I watched it for quite a while. I named him Bangs. Can you see why? A garbage truck came by and scared it off.. but not far off, and not for too long. He had just trotted over to the front porch area of one of the cabins. Soon he was back in the yard, easy to see, and I enjoyed watching and photographing.

The guy who lived in that cabin (that's his truck) was trying to get back home after his shower. He walked over toward his truck... the cabin entrance is on the right hand side, the side Bangs is on. Eventually the guy went way over to the left and then back toward the front of his cabin and hopped over the side railing. Bangs ignored him.

Hubby slept through all the excitement and just had to take my word for it. It was easy to believe, though.. there was a huge bison "pie" in our side yard, so we knew they weren't afraid to come through that area. And really, are they afraid of anything??

After this we packed up and left our lovely camping spot and went on to the next adventures. I promised a report of Days 5-7, but I am a little tired of writing about the trip, so I'll be back with the rest after a day or two.

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Anonymous said...

That's pretty exciting, even if Bangs minded his own business. I think I would be unnerved.