Friday, June 01, 2012

Friday Books: Half Baked

I am going to post a short book review even though I have not finished the book. I've barely been doing any reading lately! I have to get back to it. I miss my reading adventures!

Half Baked: The Story of My Nerves, My Newborn, and How We Both Learned to Breathe by Alexa Stevenson is a book about a couple's harrowing journey through infertility, conception, a very premature birth and all the trauma that goes with life hanging on the edge. It's an interesting book, but for some reason I have not been very attentive to it. I like it and want to finish it soon; I think the right audience would love this book. In fact, I "met" someone online who is living this very same story right now (their baby having just been born and weighs less than two lbs). I mentioned this book, and he ordered it right away.

I have not given this book my full attention. After reading it for three weeks I am still only 80% done. I don't know why, because it's a good story and well told.

Not sure how to rate a book I'm still reading and that I have dragged out for three weeks. Three or four stars.. sorry I can't be more thorough with this review. I hope to do a lot more reading in the next weeks.


Sextant said...

All quilting and no reading makes Carol a very dull girl.

Damned quilts.

Unknown said...

I just finished Sarah's Key...I don't know why I didn't just put it aside, but I thought the main character would be "Sarah" instead of the whining and whining main character. Bored me totally and have the book on the shelf as a remembrance to not read the author again....which shall remain nameless.
Oh, pkg is in the mail...