Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Sunny Sunday Afternoon

Came back from church.. had an uplifting service, and enjoyed yummy pot luck lunch. Now it's a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon. Later Charles and I will take a walk. First I feel a nap coming on. But before that, a little chat at my blog.

My heart is full of dreams and hopes and wishes. Wish I could tell you exactly what is on my mind and in my heart, but it feels too personal. When I sat down to write, I thought I'd share my thoughts, but I realize sometimes I'm TOO open. So I'm only telling you this much: my heart is full.

Here is a prayer shawl that I finished yesterday. It's only the 2nd one I've completed. I started another one immediately after finishing this. This one went really fast. It took me less than a month to make this. And I got the yarn at a fundraising sale, 25 cents per skein. Can't beat that price!! I'm hoping the next one goes quickly, too. I love to knit while watching movies and TV, and when it appears to grow quickly, I feel enthused about continuing.

Have a fabulous, Sunny Sunday, world!


Marei said...

Your heart is full....and that is good. If you decide to share, know that we will be listening and, no doubt, be happy with & for you.

Sextant said...

What a tease you are, telling us that your heart is full, but no more. Well blogging is personal and sometimes one does state too much. Perhaps a private journal would be better for such times. Writing things down is both a cathartic in the bad times, and a way to preserve those wonderful thoughts and notions when your heart is full. I used to keep a private journal, and have thought more than once to go back to it.

BrendaLou said...

So blessed to hear your heart is full!

Anonymous said...

A full heart is good. Better than a barren wasteland. Love the prayer shawl colors!

Twisted Quilts said...

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I know what you mean about being too personal to share on the internet but I am glad to hear you are in a good place.