Monday, March 26, 2012

Finishing Quilts!

Recently I have concentrated on finishing quilts... tons of bindings! I have a box of five quilts packed up and ready to send to Wrap Them in Love, another box started for Wrap a Smile, and a third box started for layette blankies and quilts for Rosebud.

Here are photos of my most recent completions:

I made myself a pin cushion!

for Rosebud; I actually added a bit more quilting after it was bound

I love the backing fabric

made from my sister's scraps, for WAS; quilted by Diane

made, quilted and bound by me for WAS

quilt top made by Kathleen and me; quilted and bound by me for WTIL

for WTIL; I used fabric from Ellen's mother's estate; quilted by Diane

another one for WTIL, made from Ellen's mother's estate; quilted by Diane


Nann said...

Lots to brag about!

The giraffe print is so cute! And you need a giraffe to keep you company. (Have you ever read "Zarafa," by Michael Allin? About the first giraffe to be taken from Africa to France. Good story.)

I like the WAS quilt out of your sister's scraps the best.

BrendaLou said...

as usual, your quilts are bright and cheery and filled with love!