Saturday, March 24, 2012

Puking Hurts!

For two days in a row this week at work, we had fabulous, free food spread out for our taking. There were some Big Shots having meetings, and after they ate, there was enough left for us peons. Both days the food was plentiful and delicious... from two area restaurants that I happen to know and love.

On both days I ate happily, and on the evening of the second day, at home, I became very sick. Yuck!! Everything I had eaten came back up, and I felt miserable. It was, I assume, some sort of food poisoning... I have had this before and know what it feels like. The puking is violent! Sorry for the grossology. I felt much better by the next day and am mostly over it. The one remaining after-effect is very sore ribs! Who knew puking could be that much of a work-out?? I am shocked. And quite sore.

one fabric shows how to make a newspaper hat, and another one shows used car classified ads

Yesterday I stopped at a fabric store and bought some beauties. Fabric is really changing these days, and one could be tempted to buy loads of it to "catch up" to the new trends. I'm resisting, except in little bits. I bought some pastels for the Block Lotto in April which calls for pastels.

Today, Saturday, I plan to let my ribs heal, do some non-boisterous activities such as reading and sewing, and just have a quiet, fun day at home. I am currently reading Some Assembly Required: A Journal of My Son's First Son by Anne Lamott. I love her! The book is charming and wise, and I'm laughing out loud...just not any belly laughs, because that would hurt too much.


Sextant said...

About two weeks ago, both my wife and I came down with a intestinal bug. Putting it delicately, we had to keep a bucket in the bathroom. It lasted for about two days.

It is totally amazing, the violence of throwing up! I felt like I had been dragged behind a train for a couple hundred miles. I think it was the first time in at least 5 years that I had thrown up. I had the wild notion that perhaps we should force our selves to do it once a week to stay in shape! It was horrible.

We are still not over the damn thing. We both have this deal now where after we eat, we are extremely bloated. That started with this bug. Very strange ailment.

Patricia said...

I love the "newsprint" fabric. Would you mind emailing me the name of the line? Hope you feel better! The body is a wonderful thing--to get the "poison" from our body, it uses every muscle available--even those we usually don't use. So glad you are feeling better.

Jan Mac said...

So sorry to hear of your violent muscle straining Carol. It's a very painful experience when it's prolonged. Good to hear that you're almost better and I love the new fabric you've acquired. I love the newsprint too. Could you share the designer please?
Hugs from Down Under,

BrendaLou said...

so very sorry to hear you are ill. We have pot lucks at our store often and after getting sick a few times (I'm sure it's because they were set out too long) we now have trays with ice we put the cold stuff on and make sure hot things are reheated in the micro to make sure to kill all the bad things lurking there. Love, love the fabric (haven't seen any of it before)