Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Losing Things

I am an exellent loser of things. I almost always leave things behind when I visit my mom or sister. I also lose things immediately after putting them down.

Today I came into the house after work and set down my purse. About a half hour later I couldn't find it. I'm supposed to put it in its regular place so that doesn't happen. But lately I've been forgetting to put it in its place.

Then there is the problem of not being able to find something because I put it in its proper place. Crazy.

On Sunday I ate at a restaurant, and I had a small knitting project with me. I am fairly certain I brought the knitting project home, but I have not been able to find it ever since leaving the restaurant. I even called, and they don't have it in their Lost and Found. It has to be somewhere in my house (I already searched the car). But where?

I have the opposite of sticky fingers. It's probably called Old Brain, but I am not yet ready to admit that.

Now, I'm going to go read my book. Where do you suppose it is??


Sextant said...

I am plagued with the same problem. I think one of my most notable incidents was when I worked in a gas station while going to college.

It was a Sunday night and I was by my self. This was back in 1968 when everything was full serve, in fact it was against the law to self dispense gas in Pennsylvania back then. One of our best customers came in and wanted an oil change. I tried to talk him out of it because Sunday nights could be a killer out at the pumps. "Nah you are not busy, I'll be out of here in no time...just an oil change." OK! He had a red 1967 Corvette 427 with lake pipes. Sweet car except it had a two speed power glide transmission. That was the oddest damned Corvette I ever saw. Any how I get the thing up on the lift. I take the oil plug out. Ding Ding. Out I go to the gas pumps. I am out there for a full hour, running my tail off. I come back in, lubed the chassis, and then go to put the drain plug in. Can't find it. We usually left it in the drain barrel funnel. There was a screen in it. So me and this guy, one of our best customers, a vice president of a local company, start looking for the plug. Back out on the pump island I go. He keeps looking. I am in / out...in / out for another hour and a half. We still can't find the damned plug. I started to think that maybe I set the damn thing down on someone's bumper. We keep looking. I finally retrace my steps exactly. I pretend I just took the oil plug out and the bell rings. Slowly I walk out from under the car and start heading for the island. On the tire machine right next to the garage door, there was an oily paper towel. Voila the drain plug was inside the paper towel. He came in at 7 PM, it is now 10 PM. I got him out the door by 10:15. Three hours and 15 minutes for a lube, oil, and filter change. Right, no time at all.... He was a very nice guy and very gracious, but I never saw him again on a Sunday night. He left the Vette during the week while he was at work from then on.

Marei said...

I'll find your book if you can find my glassess.....usually already somewhere on my head, in my hair, or even over the bridge of my nose.....a mind is a terrible thing to lose :)

Carol E. said...

Sextant, great story! Marei, recently I was 2/3 through a book and then lost it. I couldn't stand waiting 'til my old brain found it, so i bought it for my Kindle and finished it there. Haven;t lost my kindle yet... knock on wood!

Anonymous said...

You lost your knitting? Oh no! I decided that I need a neck strap for everything like they have for glasses. I'll be the old lady with glasses, purse, book, keys, knitting . . . all dangling from their respective neck straps. ;-)