Thursday, January 26, 2012

Quilts for the Show, Part 1

I think I will have as many as 16 quilts ready to hang in our guild's show this year. I don't think I ever had that many, even the year I was Featured Quilter. Well, this year they are encouraging small quilts, and small is part of the theme, so it was easier to churn out a bunch. Many of mine are just simple, quick, unimpressive, and small. A couple of them are beauties, but most are average. Here is your first sneak peek at some of the quilts I will show this year. (Most of them you've already seen anyway... no big thrill today, I guess.) A couple of my quilts are still at the machine quilter, so I'll show those in a few days when they're done.

This one is about 50" x 70"; after the show this will be donated to Wrap Them in Love

This is my goofy one with odd stuff added to it

The slide shows up well when back lit; I think it's a shot taken in Europe.

Solid Style.. it's only about 8" x 14"

Guess what this is. duh. and you've seen it before

This is my Bah, Humbug quilt

my pet Hum Bug is 3-D

My bride doll from 1960 has become a quilter, too

You've seen this already, probably too many times

I purchased this at Aunt Annie's Quilts.. a sample made by shop owner Lucy Senstad and then beautifully quilted by Diane Schotl.. I love this quilt!

showing the center block detail

This is my masterpiece, also quilted beautifully by Diane. It's done and gorgeous!! I'm modeling it in my grunge, not-going-out-in-public outfit and hair.


JeannetteLS said...

Oh, Carole. You are so talented. There is exquisite beauty, imagination, whimsy, humor--all of that is in your work.

Just wonderful. (i want the humbug. I love Christmas, so the Hum Bug would be fun to have! I also love Scrooge.)

Anonymous said...

Carol, your masterpiece is beautiful! Wow! I like the 3D Humbug, too.

AnnieO said...

You're so very inventive with your scraps--I like all your little quilts! And your masterpiece truly is. Have fun in the show!

Unknown said...

Carol, Your quilts are wonderful! Such imagination and style. I am duly impressed.