Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hiding Peas Under My Knife

When I was a kid I absolutely hated peas! Yecchh! I would take the smallest serving possible, eat as few as I could get away with, then hide the rest of them under my knife and declare that I was done with my peas.

I went to see my mom this weekend, and she served peas. I can eat peas now, but they're not my faves, so I still don't eat many of them. She glopped a huge pile on my plate, and I ate about half of them, which is probably more than I ate in the whole first ten years of my life. Then I couldn't eat anymore, so I tried my old trick.

They're hard to hide, and I still had way too many of them left to get away with it!

Another funny dinner-time thing my sister and I did was watch how many bubbles we had in our milk. You know when Mom pours milk into your cup, and it makes a bunch of bubbles? The bubbles are money, so the more bubbles you have, the richer you are. The BIG bubbles are very valuable! As time goes on you become poorer and poorer.

Just remembering some of our crazy antics as kids... after a long enough time the antics become endearing. I don't think my mom will ever think my dislike of peas is endearing. And I can no longer get away with hiding them under my knife.


Sextant said...

I hated stuffed peppers as a kid. I rolled the cuffs up on my jeans and would get huge hunks of the thing stored in my cuffs. Then out to the neighbors dog they went. The dog liked them.

Now I love stuffed peppers, don' know why but I do.

Anonymous said...

You need a bigger knife! Cute story.

AnnieO said...

I hate peas too! My husband likes them allright, but I never buy them, except for Chinese peapods. I was just discussing at dinner last night with DS--since we were eating green beans--that when I was a kid I hated them and used to make a stack of green bean logs behind the napkin holder on the table...

Unknown said...

I love snow peas! So much better as babies than the big stuff. Good memories of fun days!