Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mistakes of the Ungrammatical Variety

I often see signs and notices containing misspellings or incorrect use of quotation marks, commas, and other grammar markers. I usually don't have my camera with me, but I was able to catch this one.

"Please" ... with quotes, I guess they wanted to make the politeness of this request optional. Do it, bud! I guess is what they really meant.

Have you noticed any glaring grammatical errors, misspellings, or, especially fun, meanings changed due to a word omission or incorrect use in any public signage? If so, please share! If you want to, you can send me your funny photos, and I'll put them at my blog periodically.


Elaine Adair said...

Over the years, I've become more and more confused, and more lazy as well, quotation marks, apostrophes, and hyphenation. Now with all the people using texting, I think it will "ALL" LOLOL go out the window!

However, my Harper Brace College Handbook is always at the ready! 8-)) I leave it out so people think I actually study the rules.

AlaskatoIreland said...