Sunday, July 03, 2011

Going Back in Time

Edit: I wrote this at 1:00 A.M. That accounts for my poor memory. Most of this is a repeat of an earlier, more timely post. I didn't remember that I had already said most of this and even posted some of the same pictures. The life of a Night Owl... sometimes it's hazardous to one's memory.

I had a little summer trip to the cabin and haven't reported much about it. It all started with the Minnesota Quilt Show. Fabulous show, lots of gorgeous quilts. I have shown you some photos, and I have one more section to show you when I get around to it. This blog has not been chronological lately!

Well, after the quilt show and the dinner with friends from out-of-town at which I ate a lot, including key lime pie, I continued on the outings by going up to the cabin. It was cold while we were there, which I love. If it's not raining, there is nothing better than sitting on the deck under a quilt, reading a good book.

The lake is really high this year!

I also did some knitting, napping, and we played some Scrabble. We also visited the headwaters of the Mississippi River. Are you jealous yet? I am! I'm jealous of myself and wish I could go back!

There were quilt shops to visit and restaurants to try, and spontaneous visits to shops that I have never before visited. Example: after visiting the Boondocks (a restaurant in which I ate another piece of pie - banana cream - and about ten "Norwegian Bachelor Farmers" came in to spend a rainy afternoon chatting and teasing waitresses), we stopped into a little Craft/Thrift Shop run by the local senior citizens. There were several people there playing cards and just visiting. They were friendly and eager to help us find a lovely crafted item that we couldn't resist. I bought two embroidered dish towels and enjoyed seeing the quilts and knitted blankets and many other items.

the sidewalk was festooned with these cool designs, and there is my lovely size-9 foot

We took the round-about route back home which meant I got to stop in and see my mom briefly. Also, of course, life isn't complete if I don't get to see my sister's book store when I'm out on the road. Shockingly, I did NOT buy a book, but only because I'd spent my life savings at quilt shops and in restaurants, not to mention the pile of books I already own that rises from my bedside table to the moon.

After all the fun adventures, it was time to go back to work and be a responsible, tax-paying citizen again. I'm back at my once-in-a-while job until the next round of adventures begins. You never know when you might hear about my next adventures. Might be soon, or it might be re-visited when I get around to it.

Isn't that the way summer is supposed to be? "When I get around to it." I hope yours is equally unhurried.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun trip. What cute baby booties and I love how you photographed them. Lucky babies!