Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Hot Summer Sunday

(heat index today: 100 degrees F)

What a good day, from start to finish! First I went to church. The Rosebud team reported on their recent work week. I didn't get to go along this year, so I was eager to hear about it. They had good pictures and good stories.

After church we ate fry-bread tacos. Yum.

Then six of us took off for a day-trip to the lake. This was a real treat! JR won a Retreat for Six at a fund-raiser/silent auction last fall. There happened to be six of us in attendance at the silent auction, so JR shared her trip with us. How lucky we felt to be included in this fun day!

The spot was on this beautiful lake, not far from where we live, but in Wisconsin, making it a cross-cultural experience (crossing a state line -- haha!).

These two sisters were our gracious hosts. Their family has a long history at this lake spot; they are the current co-owners. They have hosted many people for fun, relaxation, and good food over the years. They shared the photo album of historical photos... one visitor is a famous actor whose name you would recognize! (But I'm not telling.)

We swam, and it was so refreshing. Then we had some snacks, and then we had a pontoon ride around the lake. We saw two more lake places that belong to famous people; one is a local celebrity and the other is both local and nationally known, although is now an angel in Heaven. Again, I'm just saying this was fun to know, but I'm not going to share who these people are.

I will tell you this much: this bird was doing some kind of odd stance on the dock of one of the famous cabin owners. I theorized that the bird was hot and was trying to get a cooling breeze through his wings. But taking a dip in the lake and/or standing in the shade probably would have been more productive. He had his own ideas, however. And he politely stayed in this pose long enough for me to get a decent photo.

After the pontoon ride we swam some more, sat in the shade chatting, and then they served us a scrumptious meal. The meat was a Korean dish.. I've already forgotten the name. It was yummy. And for dessert: meringue topped with ice cream and fresh fruit.

We were spoiled rotten all day, and it was the perfect way to spend a hot Sunday afternoon. Thanks for sharing this retreat with us, JR, and for hosting us so lavishly, Sisters!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great way to spend a hot Sunday! Glad you got to share the prize.