Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Choosing Happiness

Quilts on a barn - what a happy sight!

I've been feeling sad for quite a while... stuff going on in the family, death of a former student, stuff that I was letting weigh me down. Life was feeling pretty tough.

Now I'm happy! What changed? Nothing except my own attitude. I got tired of myself. Who wants to hang around with Ms. Dopey?? I certainly don't. Also I got help from a couple of other sources. A friend at church told me how she has survived some catastrophic events in her life: "I didn't want to bring everyone else down with me." I thought about that, and it made a lot of sense.

Then I was randomly flipping through an old notebook where I had scribbled down some notes regarding a book I wanted to read: "how to preserve your own well-being in relationships, especially relationships with yourself" and: "living in the moment; let go of outcome" and: "basing your happiness on things outside of your control = insanity."

I realized I could decide to be happy. And so I did. And I am! Once I made that decision and actually felt happier, I began to see more happiness around me. Amazing how that works, isn't it?!

Regarding my new job: it's kind of a weird job, but I'm sort of liking it, as much as one can like something that is hard to like. I know - that is confusing. The learning curve at my job was only briefly difficult. After that it become extremely tedious and monotonous, which I find exhausting. But... project #1 ended today, and I have 3 glorious days off! (Happiness!) And I was assigned to project #2 which starts on Monday and means: more income (happiness)! I am crossing my fingers that my son will be hired at the same place. That would be so much fun.

See? Life is grand.


Unknown said...

How I "try" to look at life...and of course it is a work in progress everyday is "no one or nothing can make you feel or do anything" Basically we choose how we are going to react to something... this is not making sense...I don't know how to write it... we are in charge of our feelings...we choose how to react... how to be...so if my dd says something that could "make" me mad...it is up to me how I want to react...anyway... Have a nice day! Are you still going to Sub?

Unknown said...

having read the above comment, which was well put by the way, I remembered my first thoughts on your "happiness". You are the master of your own destiny, that and lots of vitamin d to make the happiness come alive!

Pattilou said...

So glad to hear of your progress! As we cycle through life there are bound to be many unhappy moments. We really can choose to be happy through them. It's all a process and the true meaning of love--allowing others to make their own experiential journey without my parameters! Sometimes easier said than done.

quiltmom anna said...

I think that is wonderful attitude to have- I would rather see the cup half full than half empty. It is up to me to decide whether I want to be see the joy in life or the sadness. I don't make light that there is not lots of sad things that happen in life but there are lots of wonderful things too.
Glad that the new job is going well.
Warmest regards,