Sunday, May 22, 2011

Getting My Mo-Jo Back

Lately I have not had much interst in sewing, but it's coming back! Hooray! Here's one thing that helps motivate me: seeing these beautiful people! Rotaplast (organized through Rotary) performs free cleft palate clinics all over the world, and we at Sunshine contribute quilts for the kids who go through the surgery. Rotaplast is currently in Bangladesh, helping these kids get their lives back.

This boy is a teenager and wanted to get a job in a store, but no one would hire him, because they didn't want customers seeing him (because of his cleft lip). Now he is handsome and whole and will be able to make a living! He has a quilt around his shoulders... I want to make more quilts and maybe one day I'll see a quilt of mine with a child whose life has been transformed!

I have had that fun experience a couple of times, but it has been several years. I'd like to see one again some time soon. But that means I have to step up my quilt production!

I did manage to finish these UFOs. This (above) is #15. It is for a vet through To The Top. It's twin sized, big enough for me to check out its snuggle-ness. It passed with an A+!

showing the nice, star quilting done by Diane S.

I also made this old UFO (#16, below) into a small quilt for a child in Philippines. Wrap Them in Love is asking for small quilts with no batting for the Philippines. These are quick and easy and fun to make.

soft flannel backing


Twisted Quilts said...

What an inspiring group. Glad to hear you are sewing again. At times I lose my motivation too. It feels so so good to have it back.

woolywoman said...

wow. the look on the fathers face in photo two is just....amazing. I went over to the rotoplast site and made a (small)donation based on that alone.

Browndirtcottage said...

Oh girl...what a great inspiration the rotoplast!!!

Well, hey, from what I've seen on you blog you've been pretty busy in the past....but, like you, I too get a little lost in my creativity sometimes but it always comes back.