Sunday, May 09, 2010

Was That a Weekend That Just Whizzed By?

Whoo.. this one flew by way too fast! That's what happens when a weekend is packed full of activities.

First up was nephew's graduation from medical school, and a family dinner at Olive Garden (yummerific). Congrats, JT! We hope you love your new career.

Friday night we attended the Divas and Desserts concert by Twin Cities Women's Choir. Wowowowowowow!!! It was fabulous! It's the best I've heard from this group so far (previously I've attended two separate winter concerts). Mind you, the winter concerts of the past were fab and even brought me to tears, but this one was even better! I just loved every moment and every song. They did a world premiere of a song called "Rock" which was sooo great! (Sorry, I can't remember who composed it.)I hope it makes its way into the world so others get to hear it. It will bring you to tears, almost a guarantee, if you are a woman and a mom. Now I might confess that this is the first time my daughter-in-law has been a member of this choir, so perhaps that explains why I thought it sounded better than ever. A little familial pride might sway a person's unbiased review?

Saturday we got up early and headed over to Hubby's parents' home for a breakfast of Belgian waffles. It was a beautiful morning, and the dining room with the morning sun shining through was so pretty. We stayed to chat and had some laughs.

That night Hubby and I met Daughter and BF for dinner.. another fun time with good chat and good food. They gave me a quilt shop gift card - hooray! It is nice to be pampered for Mother's Day. I also, however, want to give a virtual hug to all those moms who have children in heaven and who find today to be a difficult one to endure. You are not forgotten, dear moms!

Sunday.. went to church. Afterwards Hubby made me a yummy lunch. Then I settled down to watch the Twins on TV but managed to sleep through almost the whole game. I did some sewing (got this top off my design wall and assembled), then Hubby and I took a nice walk - a gorgeous evening for a walk. And then watched the finale to "Amazing Race" which we always watch together. Love that show.

After all that and in the blink of an eye, it's Sunday night and the work week resumes. Whew! My head is still spinning!

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Unknown said...

sounds fun...because of birthday week the week before...I sort of skipped mom's day...well besides a movie and pizza! And besides the fact that I did not wash one piece of clothing... have a great day!