Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sky Gazing

It was a beautiful weekend! Weather was perfect!

Today we had a good time at church.. lots of lay member involvement, and then a fund-raising spaghetti lunch afterwards. It was yummy! Even though the crowd was small, we made a good income for the Rosebud team's trip this summer. People are generous; it warms my heart.

For some reason after church I felt a little restless. I came home and couldn’t decide if I wanted to be upstairs in my sewing room, downstairs on the computer, or somewhere halfway between. I felt like I wanted to be doing something, but I didn’t know what it was.

Charles and I ended up sitting on our patio in the shade, gazing at the sky and watching the world. It was so peaceful and beautiful. We chatted quietly. Then after a while we lapsed into comfortable silence. Charles fell asleep, I leaned back in my chair and continued sky gazing. The colors of the new spring leaves, the blue sky, the puffy white clouds, the little birds flitting here and there were just awesome and soothing. I listened to birds twittering and leaves fluttering in the breeze. Lots of elm seeds were floating around the sky and landing on us. My restlessness had vanished. I just felt so wonderful; nature kissed me today!

Later Charles and I took our usual 2-mile walk. Life is good, and I am one lucky woman.


Unknown said...

Once I got home I was restless too... so I sat outside and chatted with some of Lydia's friends...and then read... I am tired!

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Love the seeds in your hair!

quiltmom anna said...

Sounds like you needed to listen to your heart- your hilly road to retirement has caused you some mixed feelings- I know when I feel restless- stopping and letting the world go by helps me feel more grounded again.
I slept late this morning and read part of a book before I got up about 10.
We spent yesterday outside on a patio enjoying the sunshine and camaraderie of family. It was very pleasant.
Wishing you a lovely week Carole,

Julie Sharer said...

Now THAT sounds like a woman about to RETIRE!! Beautiful. Although brief, we enjoyed a few moments on our deck today as well...something we almost NEVER do. (It's usually too HOT!) Amazing what a little time with God's creation can do for one's soul.

Anonymous said...

What a great post. Sounds like you're doing a retirement internship in preparation for the real thing! Great post. I loved you line, "Nature kissed me today." Thanks for sharing!