Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Hilly Path to Retirement

I don't know why I'm feeling blue about retiring. Tonight I attended the Union appreciation dinner. It was quite nice; the food was fabulous; it was fun to get a corsage and a couple little gifts. I got to walk across the stage and be congratulated. We had our pictures taken. My nice hubby attended with me; we sat by a teacher who was interesting and fun to chat with.

I think I'm in a normal sad phase about leaving my students behind. I'm going to miss them! But another normal phase, happiness, will come 'round soon, too. I truly had no idea that the path to retirement would be so hilly!! I thought I'd feel ecstatic all the time! (I know... how naive!)

me outside the hotel where the party took place; is the 100 there because that's how old we all look? I wonder why someone sprayed gray paint in my hair just before the picture was taken??

windblown, needing a new hairdo, wondering if it's really true that I'm about to retire

the lovely venue for our party

Here is something good that I learned today. A student of mine is taking sewing classes from a retired St. Paul teacher. They make pillows and quilts! They meet in a little corner store called something like Granny's Quilts. This particular store is only open for one short shift, one day a week. I have always been curious about it, but have never stopped in. Turns out Granny is a helper in this class and sounds quite interesting. I am going to attend the class next week, just to visit, say hi to my student, and see what is up. Maybe it's something I can continue to do (help? join in? be in the way?) after I retire. I'm very excited about it. Right now it's an unknown and an intriguing idea. And I'll finally get a peek at this store, Granny's Quilts, or whatever it's called. Watch for a post about this next week.


Unknown said...

hilly for sure...emotional as all heck! I think it means you were good at what you do!

Pattilou said...

May at best is emtional in the educational world. Lots of good-byes and farewells. I actually retired twice, so I know what you're saying, and September will bring a twang to the heart too. But, this year as we rode by the school, I said to my husband, "I'm trying to remember what May used to feel like." He replied, "Silly girl."

One day, you'll have pleasant memories and the tenderness of leaving will be just the pleasant memories you've planted all those years!

Totally understood!!! Great job at sharing!

Anonymous said...

C: What a sweet post. You're so honest. I can't imagine what you're going through right now (much as I'd like to!) Take the hills! The high spots are where we get to look around and see where we are, the low spots are rests from the climb. You'll be okay. Hubby, family, co-workers, friends - all still here with you!

And I think I've heard of that store too. Hope it's fun!

AnnieO said...

Looks like a nice party and good picture of you, even with the gray paint, LOL. The quilt shop adventure awaits unfolding, I like your plan to follow up. The next 30 days will probably fly by despite your wanting to hold onto each one. You will have reached a new beginning after the hill!

Unknown said...

I remember attending a "pre" retirement seminar and the main thing that was said
We don't plan to fail....we fail to plan well to keep busy. I must have done something right as I am always, always busy even if it's doing nothing at all...I'm busy!

woolywoman said...

Good byes are always hard! Best wishes to you!

Could the topiary numbers be the address?

Twisted Quilts said...

I enjoy being retired now but it took some getting used to.

CarlaHR said...

I thought I would miss work when I retired but found that I didn't miss it at ALL. What I did miss was the structure that a working wife has, i.e. cleaning, shopping, laundry on the weekend and planned meals. Now that I have time I am much less organized...but then do I really have time as I seem to be busier than I was when working. What I did before I retired was to make a list of all the things I wanted to accomplish - and I did - all but loosing 15 pounds - but I am still working on that. So don't worry about how you will deal with retirement - you WILL enjoy it.

Sweet P said...

Happy retirement!