Monday, May 31, 2010

Buttons on Your Underwear

I've been sewing up a storm! Here we go..

a top made from orphan blocks.. I assembled, quilted, and bound .. first time doing rounded corners

the backing... God didn't make the little green apples..

made from fabric from Ellen of Wrap Them in Love - her mother's estate. Pattern is called Cher's Gym Floor. There is one more row; I just couldn't fit it on the flannel part of my wall.

I Can Count to Ten!
Is quilted, it just needs a binding.

the Red House Neighborhood; giraffe is eating a 3-D flower (I love that giraffe which I drew free hand) Is quilted - needs a binding.

I love the backing; it is very soft.

another top made from orphan blocks; not yet quilted

closer up view of the top half

Stack 'N Whack blocks someone gave me.. I had to finish piecing them. This will make a very nice adult quilt.

Now I must help Hubby clean up for our company.. son and DIL are coming over for a little picky nicky. Happy Memorial Day to my USA readers!


Unknown said...

busy busy! Are orphan blocks leftovers from other projects? Have with your family...

Julie Sharer said...

I LOVE the rounded corners AND the giraffe! Please tell me you're keeping that one for yourself...perhaps a little retirement gift to yourself? If you're doing THIS much quilting now, I can only imagine what a MACHINE you'll be once you don't have a silly JOB to hold you back!

AnnieO said...

I love the rounded corners too! They add a different twist to a fun quilt. You have been very busy and the lucky future owners of these gems will love them. Good work!

BrendaLou said...

wonderful, wonderful! You are so very talented in putting blocks together. Love the giraffe.
Do you need an "S" book? I just read "Sarah's Key" and it was such a good book. I'll send it if you wish.

Mama Drama Times Two said...

An impressive round of sewing!!! If this is what you get done on a sunny spring weekend while working full time, I'm a little nerous what we'll see come winter when you are snowed in and retired!!!! You inspire me. My machine is set up on the dining room table, and I am determined to sew a quilt for June.

woolywoman said...

Red house neighborhood! Where do I go to live there? I love it!

Tonya Ricucci said...

wheee, you've been piecing up a storm! you've done great and I LOVE your freehand giraffe.