Saturday, November 01, 2008

Funny Signs

The quilty stuff will come at the end of this post. First I wanted to share with you some of the funny signs I found while moving around the city today. Some are funny, some are just - unique. One I didn't get pictures of!

The one I didn't get was a guy selling some Obama stuff on the side of the road. He had a lawn sign that said "Geezer/Dingbat." Mean, but I must say it gave me a giggle.

Here's one that puzzled me. What the heck are the quotation marks doing there?? I used to follow a blog called : The "Blog" of "Unneccessary" Quotation Marks. This sign would have been a perfect photo for that blog. (Sorry for the rotten quality of the photo - I was hurrying because I was on a busy street shooting out of my car.)

This is a typical November 1st activity.. after a Halloween bonfire in my town, the firefighters are on duty the next day making sure it doesn't flare up again.

Whoever drives this around must be very disappointed. He/she started out with great enthusiasm... click on the photo to read the signs.

Here's an Obama sign...

And here is someone's Peace sign in their front yard (taken through my car back window so you see the de-froster lines).

I am once again experiencing the absence of a lawn sign. I have had two of them stolen now. I don't get this! Aren't both sides in favor of free speech? Aren't both sides against theft and vandalism? You don't find me out there stealing or defacing people's signs, no matter how much I'd like to have them change their minds. (Like my neighbor whose sign reads "Democrat for McCain." That one blows my mind - but I'm not stealing it!) I know, it just takes one rotten egg to spoil the batch.. I'm not meaning to paint a broad picture. Just bummed (and flabbergasted) that it keeps happening.

As for quilty stuff, I made this top in a flash.. the crumb blocks were already made. All I had to do was cut the orange to the right size.

Then I made two Lotto blocks for the Yahoo Lotto group I'm in... plaid one is for November. I do not own any plaids, so I was lucky to scrounge around and find these three. It's all I'm making for November because of my paucity of plaids. So I went ahead and made a December block. This one took me ages! It's called Linda's Star. Pattern is at quilterscache dot com.

I'm feeling waaay better today, just a little sniffly, AND I'm thrilled we get an extra hour tonight. I'd say an extra hour of sleep, but... as my husband reminded me, I rarely use that hour for sleep. I plan to do more sewing! Fun, fun, fun!


Cher said...

love the crumb quilt, I am a fan of orange-and the blocks are great

Clare said...

Love the peace sign and the crumb quilt is great.

Magpie Sue said...

I love the crumb quilt too! Also like your floor scraps quilt in the previous post :- ) Too bad about that shop going out of business just when you found a use for them!

Rosalyn Manesse said...

Well I got a big laugh from seeing that car--and I really need a laugh today. Love the crumb quilt