Sunday, November 16, 2008

Finally, a Quilty Post

Yes, I still make quilts! I was starting to wonder myself. This weekend I had NO obligations and used the time to get some sewing projects done, and others started. (There is no end to UFOs in this household.) I had a blast!

I think I may have shown you this pink/white/black crumbs quilt before. I really like how it turned out. This year I have concentrated on crumb blocks quite a bit, and still have quite a pile of them. I have made 13 crumb quilts this year! Along with the pink one, these are my most recent.

This is the back of the orange crumbs quilt. I got this fabric at a going-out-of-business sale. Isn't it adorable?

This novelty quilt is in a box to send to Betty for quilting.

I finished a red/white quilt! This one is going to a local 5-year-old boy who has leukemia. I'll give it to a woman in my guild, and she will deliver it. I still have some red/white blocks and will be able to make one more top. That will be a total of six tops from my recent red/white challenge. Thanks for your generosity, everyone!

Recently I bought a couple of UFOs at a local quilt shop that is going out of business (same sale I mentoned above, on the orange quilt backing fabric). These will be quilted and sent to Wrap Them in Love. The pink/blue one below was only $10!

Tonight's supper is cooking away in the crock pot and it smells SCRUMPTIOUS. It's a meal I got at Let's Dish. That place is a godsend for someone like me!


Libby said...

What great eye candy! All beautiful, but I love the first one the most.

Unknown said...

ya know...your energy amazes me...and to think...dinner, too! Have a nice day...see ya Tuesday!

Twisted Quilts said...

I really like the first three, the first one is so creative. do you have in mind when you begin what you are going to do or do you just let the quilt tell you where to go? I really like the back too. I like to use those kinds of prints for the back of crib quilts.

Sharon said...

I love your crumb quilts! They're so fun and full of joy. And good for you on the leukemia quilt! What a busy quilter you have been! You've gotten a lot done - you should be proud of yourself!