Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Five

I don't even know what Friday Five is, but my friend over at Walk a Mile is posting it (joining her other blogger friends who do it, too), so I'm going to join in and just pretend I know what I'm doing.

Carol's Friday Five:

1. I'm sooo excited to have a weekend in which I have no obligations... no meetings, no appointments! I get to stay home and do home stuff!

2. Tonight Walk and I and Walk's youngest DD went to a pow wow at Indian Magnet School. The dancers were fun to watch, and the regalia is beautiful. I took these pictures to remember the pretty colors and think about making quilts with similar colors and/or patterns.

3. The tiniest dancer at the pow wow, who appeared to be about 2 yrs old, was a little pistol and super cute. She reminded me a LOT of my own daughter when she was about that age. (Mine is now 28.)

4. My friend's baby (Sweet Pea in my previous post) went through surgery today, and from what I know so far, things went really well. It was a 5-6 hour surgery, shorter than they had expected, and all the reports that I'm aware of seem very promising. Sweet Pea will experience some pain in recovery, so keep her in your prayers, please.

5. This week Father-in-Law received a pacemaker and seems to be doing OK with it, from what we hear. (No news beyond the first day is good news, we hope.)

And that's it for my first-ever Friday Five!

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Kim said...

Whew! You deserve a stay at home day. A person needs time to just be once in a while. Enjoy!