Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Perfect Day.. and 2 quilt questions

What a gorgeous day it was today! Weather was PERFECT. I attended a picnic at my friend's beautiful home on a lake. Everyone stayed way longer than expected, because the day was so great to just sit outside enjoying the sunshine and breezes. (Well, the friendly chatter was good, too.) This was one more heavenly day in my Most Fabulous Summer experience.

How's THIS for a beautiful view from a kitchen window?

She showed me these two quilts she owns. They are both gorgeous! This first one won a prize of some kind in West Virginia back in ??? Can anyone tell me how old you think this quilt is? The fabrics look like 50's & 60's to me, but dating quilts is something I'm not so good at. It's in good shape except for one block that is worn thin and raveled. She wonders about repair. That's another question I can't answer well. What's your advice on repairing vintage quilts.. is it worth doing? Does it make the quilt less valuable? More valuable? I've heard it would no longer be considered "vintage" with modern fabrics used in a repair. What might you advise her to do in this case? (They use the quilt - it's not on a wall or anything.)


BrendaLou said...

Without seeing the prints up closer I'm guessing the first quilt is from mid to late 50's or very early 60's. The second might be earlier with fabrics from 30's-50's or 60's.

As far as repair. These quilts are family heirlooms, not exceptionally valuable antique quilts (but they are both drop dead gorgeous and I'd love to claim them for my own!!!). Therefore, any pieces that are worn can be replaced with similar fabrics (appliqued over the top works) or reproductions.

Clare said...

Lovely photos.

Kim at Force Majeure Farm (lib quilters) is a quilt restorer. She's got some good restoration tips on her blog.

Darcie said...

Glad you're getting some educated responses on your questions, Carol. I know nothing...just think they are fabulous quilts!

Love the photos! Looks and sounds like a spectacular day...glad you enjoyed yourself!