Friday, July 18, 2008

It's Done and On the Wall!

...and look at this humungous plant! I thought it looked cool, so I snapped a photo.


Photo Frustrations! (Warning: if you don't want to listen to me complaining, stop reading now.)
Do I have a screwed up system? Is it my software? My computer? Or is it Blogger? Do any of you go through this annoying photo-uploading process? Look at what I went through to get those above two photos posted correctly. I had to try many times and got these results before they finally came out right.

If I correctly understand how this all works, I'm getting screwed out of a zillion photo postings. I think these all go into some server somewhere, and they are "counted" toward my quota.

I know this happens, because a couple years ago I hit my limit and had to start paying for blogger space. Admittedly, it's not much money, and the next limit they gave me is HUGE. In two years, I have used up only 12% of my allotted space.

But if I have to upload photos ten+ times to get it posted correctly once (and that happens VERY frequently) I'll be using up my server space way faster than I should have to worry about.

Please tell me I'm not the only one with this weird and frustrating problem!?? I used to think these problem uploads were only on pictures that I "photo-shopped," but these two were not, other than a little cropping.

Each of these takes several seconds to upload... too much time when I have multiple photos. But the time is unpredictable, too... and sometimes a picture uploads 100 rotten versions of itself, and then all the rest come up correctly on the first try. It's very weird.

Thanks for listening to my witchy complaints!!! Now that I got that off my chest. I'm feeling better already!!


Paula, the quilter said...

Get a free account at Flickr. I do not upload photos from my hard drive to blogger. I upload photos from my hard drive to flickr and then to blogger. Never had problems. Knock on wood.

Donna said...

can't help you as I've never had that photo problem...

BrendaLou said...

Carol, I've never had that problem, but the pics do have some kind of artsy look. I imagine if I saw them in a gallery with titles like: "Variations on a Tropical Plant # 6" I'd be VERY impressed.

Sassenach said...

I strongly recommend that you give Microsoft Live a try. It's a much better interface all the way around and I've had a much easier time posting to Blogger since then. Occasionally a post doesn't go through -- it usually goes through on the second or third click, and even then the process is seconds, not minutes.

I've documented my own woes with Blogger and uploading photos, and have pretty much ensured it isn't a problem with my own computer.

Clare said...

Sometimes I use Flickr, sometimes Photobucket and I've also got a friend who hosts a free photo site with limitless space -

Tonya Ricucci said...

whee, your little Love quilt is so sweet and hurrah for the finish. oh my, I had no idea there could be so many difficulties posting photos. ouch. good luck getting that sorted!

Fiber Babble said...

Dear Carol,
I have 3/4 of a set of blog posts about how to avoid hosting your photos on Blogger (and how to put them where you want to put them).

I had taken a bit of a break from finishing up the posts, but after seeing this post of yours, I can only say, "Poor Baby" and get busy and finish the posts.

Hopefully what I have to share will be helpful to you (and others). I'll try to get them posted by Saturday, July 26th.

Hang in there (poor baby) !

Lynda said...

Sorry you're having so much trouble, but I really enjoyed your post (and the arty photos!)