Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy 4th!

Happy Independence Day, USA readers! I'm staying home and having a quiet weekend, so I decided to hang out my "flag." First I hung it near the front door of our house. Then I decided it was too hard to see from the street, so I hung it in a tree in our jungly yard. Next, I remembered that I have a magnetic curtain rod, so I hung it on the garage door. The curtain rod is a little short, but I like that location the best.

This was fun, so I'm thinking I should rig up a permanent hanger of some kind to occasionally display seasonal quilts when the conditions are right. Do any of you hang quilts outside for decoration? If so, what system do you use?


Donna said...

all my quilts get hung outside when the conditions are right -- on my clothes line:-)

Darcie said...

That's a darling quilt, Carol! I love that it's a sampler...but not ginormous in size. It'll surely put a smile on any passer-by!


(If I were to hang any quilt outdoors here on the would surely be full of birdy and fly doo-doo by the end of the day.)

Maureen and P.D. the Pet Dog said...

What a wonderful idea! I know that Country Threads hangs their quilts outside for display at their quilt shop in Iowa. They hang some along their fence, some across benches, and some tacked to the outside walls. They have a wonderful aged look about them since some of the quilts hang outside all summer. I love your idea and will now plan to hang a couple outside for the 4th also!

Clare said...

I wish I could, but with the strength of the sun i'm afraid they'd get bleached. Also hanging quilts outside in winter is not a good idea, BUT you've given me an idea for the porch.

Magpie Sue said...

A magnetic curtain rod... I didn't know such a thing existed! Love that you can display your quilt on the garage door that way.

I have a quilt on my blog you might like to see ;- )