Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Le Rouge et Le Blanc

I've been collecting some fun red and white blocks for Quilts 4 Leukemia. I'm still collecting them, so keep sewing! I decided to send a batch to Clare so she can start using them if needed. I have 19 blocks packaged up to send to her. And I have that many here at home that I will use for Sunshine Quilts. Exciting what we can do when we work together, isn't it??

I made some blocks to send to another group I'm in: To The Top Project. It's a Yahoo group that makes quilts for vets. The quilts are distributed mostly in New England. So far most of them have gone to older vets such as from Viet Nam and even WWII. As times change, they'll start going to some vets from the middle east wars. This project is run by Barbara, mother of Evan who died in Afghanistan in 2003.

And finally, I made some blocks and found some leftover blocks that I'll send to people who are making Quilts of Valor (for people injured in the current war).

Now, back to my sewing machine. (I sure am enjoying my summer vacation!)

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Cida said...

Hi, I love this quilt, this work is beatiful.
Sorry, my english not good.