Sunday, May 18, 2008

You've Got Mail

Hubby installed our new, locking mailbox. Oh, the thrills and chills around here! And yes, our lawn is that splotchy. We have poor quality soil, and those bare spots are where the creeping charlie used to be. We are going to get a visit from a landscaper, get an estimate, and maybe one of these days we won't have the ugliest yard in the neighborhood! Yippee!!

Here's another orphan top I finished assembling this weekend. I'm actually running low on orphan blocks, finally! Another yippee!

And my third Yippee for the day is, I LOVED today's weather. It was beautiful and sunny all day, and not hot. Other people are complaining that it has not warmed up as much as usual for mid-May, but I am loving it! The cool touch in the air this morning reminded me of the summer I spent in the mountains of Montana. Glorious!! I'd be happy if that hot, humid stuff just never bothered to show up at all this year. Think I could be so lucky?

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Darcie said...

I'm with you on the weather, Carol!

Darling orphan quilt! And speaking of quilts...I've got a cute little bug quilt here...FINISHED!!! Even binding...but no label. Do you have special ones? Let me know what I should be doing with it.

Enjoy your Monday!