Friday, May 23, 2008

Across From the Green Stairs

The stair removal was completed very quickly! It was interesting to watch. Now that the stairs are gone, you'd never know they were once there! We used to tell people our office was "across the street from the green stairs." It was a recognizable landmark that almost everyone knew. Will "across the street from where the stairs used to be" work? Here's a photo essay: the Removal of the Stairs, along with two views of lovely flowering trees. Our weather continues to be gorgeous!

Top unit was removed and rested on the street

They swung it across the street...

..then set it down on this flatbed truck,

made sure it was firmly attached

then drove it away.

This is where Santa Claus works during his off season.

It was a tight fit through the parking lot!

They made it through!

Then, to push the truck back into place, they called on a Real Woman!

**amazing color!**

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Anonymous said...

I still don't know what the green stairs were. I was at another blog who linked to you to see more and I have seen more but what are or were they for?