Monday, May 26, 2008

Quilting Blues

I had this nice, long weekend and not much stuff I absolutely had to do... so one would think I would have plunged into a bunch of quilting projects. I didn't, though. I'm in one of my quilting slumps. This happens every now and then.

I made these blocks for a challenge at Sunshine. I was so uninspired, and you can tell. I didn't make anything very spectacular. In fact, some of them are downright ugly. They'll probably be OK along with the others that get turned in. That's my hope. (The challenge fabric was the Halloween jack-o-lanterns, and the postcard is for the challenge organizer.)

I managed to get the borders put on this top and get it quilted and bound. That's all the quilting I did all weekend! Recognize the parts in this quilt? It started out as Bonnie's Crossroads to Carolina... but this is the farthest I got. So what should I call it now? Gravel Road to Nowhere? :-) Here it is quilted, but not yet bound.

I go the binding on just before total dark.

Son and his GF came over tonight to use my sewing machine. They needed to hem these pretty rainbow fabrics that will be used as room dividers. It was fun to see them and to help them with their project. Son is going to Greece in a couple of days! Please cross your fingers for a safe and happy trip, and for me not to worry while he's gone!

P.S. I updated my blog, and in the process I once again lost my Mavericks ring code and some other links. I hope I can figure out how to reinstate them (again) soon.


Darcie said...

I rather like your Gravel Road! I think you've got to give yourself a pat on the back for a fine finish...instead of a UFO!

Love those bright colors for the room dividers! So youthful!

Mary Johnson said...

How about the Road not Taken?? It looks great but then I love Rail Fence quilts.