Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekend Report

Good evening and welcome to Weekend Report. Breaking news today: Carol finished a simple quilt! After losing needles and experiencing a major stall, the quilt was finally finished on Sunday evening. Hopes to continue her finishing-jag are fading. Carol reports that her finishing desires have fizzled.

Flimsies have made a come-back in Carol's household. Here is one in pre-finished state. Carol states that she is contemplating what should come next. Ohio Stars, one of her favorite blocks, were constructed from "made fabric." Swap partner, Ellen, sent lovely scraps which Carol used to "make fabric," and the Ohio Stars are the result.

Another flimsy, still on the design wall, promises to be somewhat tedious to sew together and thus requests have been made to not expect this one to be finished any time soon.

In knitting news, this knitted combo (below) will be sent to the Craft Hope Rally for Roma. The Head modeling this combo has been known to scare certain cats. Carol's purchase of the head through e-bay allegedly caused her smarty-pants feelings to swell.

Carol's self-appointed Spring Break started off beautifully with two days in the 70s and lots of sunshine. Carol was seen sitting outside, contentedly reading a book. Recall that a mere four days previous to the Carol-outside-sighting, snow was being shoveled from the very same area. One would be tempted to call this arbitrary Spring Break "very well timed!"

When asked about her Spring Break dates, Carol responded that arbitrary spring breaks are the purview of retirees and semi-retirees. Stay tuned for further news of Carol's comings and goings during the next five days of "Spring Break."

I'm Jeanette Branch, Weekend Report for Blogspot News, Minnesota


joe tulips said...

The head is a hoot...and kinda scary. But is a perfect model. I adore the Ohio stars. Very very nice.
Hang on to your hat, we have snow in forecast!

ellen gets crafty said...

Seems like you had a busy weekend!
All of those unfinished projects look just like my house - someday we will catch up!

Anonymous said...

Love the head! It beats the vase I use for similar photos.