Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring Envy

I am so envious of the pretty spring pictures most Northern Hemisphere bloggers are posting. Some green would be a sight for sore eyes! We had yet another snowstorm yesterday, and they say more is coming today. It's beautiful, but ... would be easier to appreciate in December rather than late April. *sigh* Everyone here is just so tired of winter.

Nevertheless, feast your eyes.. photos taken from inside my house.

I have no Friday Books report to give you this week. Keep reading!


sophie said...

No snow here, but the temperatures at night are dropping down into the teens and it definitely feels more like winter than spring.

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking of taking a sick day, but I a, only sick of the snow, so I just keep going to work. Sigh. Pretty photos, though.

Sextant said...

We had high of 83 on Thursday and 45 yesterday. Prefer the 45, but you can keep the snow. What ever happened to spring? It seems we go from February to June in the weather. The trees are all late this year and now they are going full tilt. I love the spray of misty greens and the trees are just flying through it trying to make up for lost time.