Friday, April 26, 2013

Excited by Life

Mr. Cat watching the snow melt (it's melting fast!)

Sunshine, warm weather, and spring seem to have arrived in Minnesota, finally, and it is making me feel so cheerful! I'm full of happiness!

First, my Friday Books report: I have done a bunch of great reading. Check my Goodreads shelf in my sidebar. One surprise book was Butter by Anne Panning. I found it on the Lucky U shelf at the library (new books - borrower gets it for only one week). I had never heard of it, but it sounded interesting. Loved it! What a fun find!

This week I bought one entire huge roll of batting (20 yards). What fun! It was on sale, 50% off. I have never bought the entire roll before. I can't wait to get started finishing some tops again. BTW, I had set the huge roll of batting across the table in our entryway, and husband did not even notice it! He is very good at keeping his mind on his dreams and not noticing the mundane details in front of his nose. Makes me laugh!

While on the subject, husband is working hard to get his new, self-employment business up and running. It is fun to watch his excitement and trepidation and to keep my fingers crossed for him.

The online guild of which I am a member, Sunshine Quilt Guild, has decided to support Quilts Beyond Borders on a regular basis. I am so excited! We found out about them through the Hands 2 Hearts campaign (see my sidebar) and agreed to continue supporting them into the future. Love it! One of our members even signed on to become the western region representative!

Ohio Star using "made fabric" - scraps I received in a scrap swap

I gave myself an arbitrary week off, my own personal "spring break," and it begins today at 4:00 P.M. Looks like I picked a great week, weatherwise, and I know I have too manny things planned to fill up my week. I won't get it all done, but it sure is fun contemplating my week's activities.

Raising my glass of water to you all and to SPRING! Today's forecast: 65 degrees F!!! We Minnesotans are thrilled!


Sherrill said...

WHOA! 65 is great for what you guys have BEEN having! Our church group starting Quilts Beyond Borders quite some time ago and our 'fearless leader' set a goal of 100. We're workin' on it! LOL

Nanci said...

Oh gosh, we don't have spring yet day is good, then the next it is almost like winter...egads! What is this about global warming.
Good luck to the husband. Starting independence is very brave.
Your goodreads are inspiring.

BrendaLou said...

Carol, I LOVE the idea of declaring Spring Break! Wish I could join you, but can't complain really.