Monday, April 08, 2013

Great Weekend!

What a great weekend! I had a lot of fun.

Friday Hubby and I stayed home and had fun catching up with each other. He is excited about a work-related project he is focusing on. It's fun to think about the possibilities that may ensue.

On Saturday the yarning group met at my church. We had two new participants, bringing our attendance to 8 which is the most we've had so far. One woman was doing her first-ever lesson in knitting. It was fun to see her figuring it out and making progress. The other new person had basic skills in crochet but learned some tips from our crochet expert. All 8 of us made good progress on our projects, had fun show-and-tell along with some good laughs. I hope our new participants come again next month.

After our gathering I felt inspired to make a dish cloth which I started, but then for some reason I also felt the need to attempt my first pair of mittens. Abandoning the dish cloth (I can work on that any old time), I jumped into the mitten project. Here is my first mitten, so far. I'm very excited about how nice it looks. The pattern I am using is quite easy to follow. I can hardly wait until I complete my first pair! I am making them to give away, but I may need to hold onto them and love them up for a while before I can part with them.

I am also working on a colorful hat. Isn't this cute yarn? The hat will go to Craft Hope's current project, Rally for Roma. They are looking for blankets, hats, scarves -- warm winter items for Roma people in Romania. These can be made using any technique and in all sizes: knit, crochet, sew, tie fleece, anything that is warm. The items are due on May 20; they are collected during the summer and will be distributed next winter. You can easily participate. Just click on the Rally For Roma button in my sidebar.

Oh, I distracted myself again. The rest of my fun weekend was what happened on Sunday. Church was Humor Sunday which happens the Sunday after Easter. The idea is that Easter played a joke on Death. We celebrate the joy of it, with jokes and even funny music. Quite fun. After church a friend and I went out for lunch. The food was good, but mostly the chatting was great fun. We stayed in our booth for quite a while and talked. Good for the soul!

I came home and found this very cute picture in an e-mail from my friend in Czech Republic. It's her granddaughter. Isn't she adorable?? I want to snuggle those cute, fat cheeks!

I am rejuvenated and ready to tackle another week! May we all have a great week, with the weather we hope for which suits our preferences (hot, cold, warm, whatever.. may it be so).

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