Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Solo Road Trip

This was my designated day to take a road trip. Drove to Hudson, Wisconsin today. It's not very far away, but is in another state, so I could pretend I was on a long, far-away adventure. First thing I did was fill my parking meter with dimes, and added a dime or two to other meters nearby that were nearing zero on their minutes. That's always fun. (And I'm glad this small town still accepts dimes in their meters.. most are quarters or have even gone electronic!)

Stopped in at an antique shop and found these:

old Bingo pieces. I'm not sure how, but I plan to use these for my Family Bingo game that I am already planning for next Christmas. They can be the pieces we use to cover our squares, or maybe I can attach my modified letters/numbers on the bottom side, and use them for calling. I have time to figure that out.

Next stop: quilt shop. I restrained myself and only bought two smallish pieces, and a pattern that was on sale for $2. Also bought a prize for a guild activity.

Lunch was at Agave Kitchen. This is a HALF serving of Nachos. So glad I didn't order a full serving! I couldn't finish this much.

Took some pictures of town signs:

Being the youngest of 3 sisters, I was wondering... would the two elders ever name a store "in honor" of me in this way??

Found the little independent bookstore in town and bought two books. And my last stop of the day was to a warehouse/shop where they handle the inventory and shipping for Little Free Libraries. I wish I had taken pictures (with their permission, of course)! It was just fun to be around all those libraries. They are so cool.

I bought one, and only took a picture of it once I got home. I am still deciding where this should be placed. My yard doesn't get much foot traffic, but a house down the street, right ON a new walking path, would be ideal. I'll have to sweet-talk my neighbor and see if they will allow this to be in their yard. If not, I have other ideas, too. I can hardly wait to get this installed and up and ready for business!

Are you familiar with Little Free Libraries? If not, read about them here. I just love the idea and can't resist joining in.

That was my Solo Road Trip, and it was a lot of fun. Spring breaks are a great idea. Everyone should have one!

P.S. -- yesterday I stopped at the Midtown Global Market. It's a big bazaar that reminds me a LOT of a market place I went to in San Antonio, Texas. Cool place, and I plan to go back there when I have more time. (I mean to the local one, not to the one in Texas, even though that would be a very cool road trip.)

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