Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pet Postcard Project

I saw this posted at Facebook and went for it. The Pet Postcard Project asks for postcards showing pictures of your pet. Various pet food companies sponsor projects, and the number of postcards received determines which project gets the most free donations of food for animals in shelters. The project they are doing now is pitting dogs against cats. Let's have the cats win! Dogs get all the attention! Time for some cat love.

Look at the project details here. There are a few simple rules that your postcards need to follow.

I made this postcard showing our cat, who is the most scared-of-everything Scaredy Cat in the world:

Here is what he thought of my entry:

Turns out he is smarter than I am, because it's past midnight, and I should be sleeping, too. Nighty-night!

1 comment:

joe tulips said...

Even though I am a cat person, I made two. One for each. Yours is great.